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During our annual 2016 CASFS People of Color Reunion, our collective generated a lot of momentum and enthusiasm around strategic planning for the future, and representing our work at the CASFS 50th Anniversary Weekend Celebration the following year.

Amongst some of the topics discussed were building a website, which is now the, Farmers of the Global Majority.  The website would act as platform for showcasing our contribution to the rich history of CASFS, serve as collective memory timeline, build mentorship, and share resources.  Additionally, we discussed the importance of establishing a scholarship fund, recognizing that the apprenticeship offers an invaluable opportunity inaccessible to many, especially, low-income people of color.

In August of 2016, Aileen Suzara, 2011 POC Alumni, contacted the People’s Kitchen Collective (, who generated the first check donation in effort to establish the scholarship fund.  With this check, we were able to initiate the Food Justice and Equity Scholarship Fund. apprentices presently committed to and engaged in creating food justice & equity in their communities and/or advocacy for responsible environmental stewardship of the Earth.


Support the leaders of tomorrow working towards a healthy, sustainable, and resilient world for all.

Food Justice and Equity Scholarship 

For assistance with your donation, please contact Kellee Matsushita-Tseng,

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