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Our collective of CASFS POC Staff, Alumni, 2nd years and current apprentices of color, offer their time year-round to propel the program’s commitment, infrastructure and capacity to support learning rooted in social change, food sovereignty, and responsible environmental stewardship.

Annual CASFS People of Color Alumni Reunion

The 6th Annual CASFS People of Color Alumni Reunion was held on Sunday, July 30, 2017, at the CASFS Haybarn in conjunction with the CASFS 50th Anniversary Celebration. 


This yearly event brought together past, present, and prospective apprentices, along with staff and community supporters of the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture to honor, celebrate, and support the unique experience of being a person of color at the UCSC Farm and Garden. Typically annual reunions feature hands on activities, such as bouquet making and veggie harvesting, where participants get a chance to meet, network, and catch up on all of the amazing projects they’ve been working on back home. We also have a series of focused discussions where we strategize on how to make all of the knowledge and resources of the AEH more accessible to communities who are typically underrepresented at the farm.

CASFS Social Justice Reader

The CASFS SJ READER is intended to provide an introduction to the connections between our food system and various societal structures. The reader offers a critical lens by which to understand the social, political, economic, and cultural patterns that have shaped the current norms of food production, distribution, and management, both locally and worldwide. With this reader we hope to inspire a collective shift toward a future that supports the work of farmers, gardeners, and activists to create food systems that are community oriented and ecologically minded, where the risks and benefits of food production are shared justly.


The CASFS SJ Reader is meant to be read in conjunction with the required reading list that the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture program suggest.  The reader also highlights the ways in which communities across the globe are building health, justice, and equity in their approaches to food production. It was debuted on April of 2017  and its contents will continue to change and develop to address the most current issues impacting our food systems.

The Food Justice & Equity Scholarship

The FOOD JUSTICE & EQUITY SCHOLARSHIP  was established in 2016 to raise funds for incoming apprentices who are committed to creating and defending dignified food  systems within their communities and/or engaged in advocacy for the responsible environmental stewardship of the Earth.  The scholarship is intended to financially support individuals from historically marginalized, low-income communities who would otherwise be unable to attend the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture due to financial hardship.  The scholarships will be assigned based on financial need and level of community involvement and be disbursed in the form of a full or partial course fee waiver.


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Speaker Series

This series is meant to connect current apprentices with other farmers, land workers, and activists of color to share resources beyond the CASFS community and celebrate the diverse heritage and histories of our collective communities.  Stay tuned for more updates on our 2017 speaker series!

Black Lives Matter Garden

The Black Lives Matter Garden was  originally founded in 2015 by 2nd year apprentice, Leo Orleans, who planted the garden right outside their bedroom window, across the road from CASFS at PICA.  The BLM Garden was relocated to the Farm Garden by CASFS POC Reunion attendees the following year and since then has been further designed by the 2016-2017 cohort.


The BLM Garden signifies the resilience of individuals, families, and communities who are the historic and current day targets of racialized violence and cultural genocide. It is a space for apprentices of these backgrounds to find solace, healing, and inspiration. In the garden, you will find medicinal herbs for physical healing and an altar space to meditate and connect with the ancestors and loved ones who have passed on. There are four annual beds forming a circle in the garden with pathways honoring the four directions. In these beds apprentices can practice the skills they are learning in the program and also experiment with seeds that hold cultural significance to their own heritage.


The garden also features artwork from 2016 apprentice, Emilia Cordero depicting traditional Mexican farming techniques next to Mexican immigrants working in conventional US farms. The piece serves as a teaching tool  that illustrates  the connection between immigration and agriculture, and how they influence each other.

Undergraduate Internship

In an effort to build a more purposeful connection with the vibrant campus community, we are developing an internship program for UCSC undergrads to make the most of the bounty that CASFS has to offer. This internship offers a unique opportunity to interact, learn, build, collaborate, and partner with the organizations and individuals that make up the CASFS POC Alumni Network.


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